Configurable and easy to use charts for Alfresco!

4 type of charts supported

Line, Bar, Pie and Radar charts are supported now!

No coding required

You do not need to write any code to show charts, just put dashlet to the dasboard and configure it!

Easy to Use

You can use any database as a source data for charts!

How to download and install

You can download trial copy of charts dashlet here

1. After downloading extract chart-1.0.jar from archive and put it to <tomcat>/shared/lib folder of Alfresco Tomcat

2. Extract ecmccharts.war from archive and put it to <tomcat>/webapps folder of Alfresco Tomcat

3. Restart Alfresco

After restart new Charts Dashlet will be available in the list of dashlets in Alfresco Share.

How to use

Add Charts Dashlet to you dashboard configuration in Alfresco and close this configuration. You will see configuration button at your dashlet.

Click at this configuration button and you will see chart configuration where you will be able to define JDBC driver to use, connection information, SQL query to retrieve data and necessary UI options for your chart.

After configuration, click "Apply" button and close configuration window. If you define all necessary data you chart will be displayed.

Please read our manual How To Configure Charts for more details.


EcmComponent charts is commercial software. You can use trial version for free for 14 days but after this you will have to purchase a license.

License is valid for each server. You will receive license for exact EcmComponent charts version and you will have full support for one year and ability to receive new versions of EcmComponent charts during this year.

If you want to continue commercial support and receive new versions for more then a year, you will have to buy new license.

Price is $400 per each server where you are using EcmComponent charts.

Please check our Refund & Cancellation Policy.

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Support is available by email Response for commercial support will be no more then in 24 hours. For non commercial support response time is not defined.

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